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Polymer Concrete

Virtual Scientific Industries Inc. (VSI) is always concerns with quality solutions, when it comes to structural integrity. We’re also sensitive to the urgency of minimizing construction downtime. That’s why we provide the security and convenience of single source supply when it comes to Polymer Concrete.

Polymer Concrete?

Polymer Concrete is the composite material which results from polymerization of monomers and aggregate mixture. In which polymers are used as a binding material instead of cement. The lime-type cement is replaced in this type of concrete. The polymer resin is used with or without the Portland cement.

Polymer Concrete exhibits much more strength, durability, smoothness, and resistance against corrosion than conventional concrete


Polymer concrete is one of the most durable engineered systems. Imagine a material with Five times the physical strength of standard Portland-based concrete. What if this material was castable like concrete but resistant to corrosive chemicals throughout its entire matrix? This is what VSI offers !

Our heavy-duty castable materials combine the working properties of concrete with the durability of chemical resistant polymers. The end product is a monolithic providing effective corrosion protection without being vulnerable to physical abuse. Perhaps the greatest benefit of polymer concrete is long-term performance comparable to that of a brick lining.

Polymer concretes exhibit working properties and application methods similar to standard Portland-based materials.


Polymer Concrete sets by a catalyzed reaction. The brief cure time allows for industrial infrastructure to be serviceable much sooner than the case where new concrete must hydrate and then be top coated. Likewise, the labor-intensive construction of masonry systems beckons the need for expediency. Since extensive downtime translates to substantial costs, this makes polymer concrete a top choice where rapid turnaround is mandatory. Continuous mixing is often utilized to complete the placement of material even quicker. Mixing by this method delivers up to 20,000 pounds or 5 cubic yards of material per hour. For projects on an extra fast track, polymer concrete offers the versatility of being formed into pre-cast structures, too.

Polymer concretes exhibit working properties and application methods similar to standard Portland-based materials.


Virtual Scientific Industries Inc. (VSI) offers a variety of polymer concrete formulations. Whether the service environment includes full concentrations of sulfuric acid or immersion in strong caustic solutions. In addition, these products are engineered to withstand a broad spectrum of temperature thresholds. VSI offers Vinyl Easter, Epoxy and Silicates based Polymer Concrete, according to the working and environmental conditions of the structure.


The following structures frequently benefit from the durable protection of Polymer Concrete:

  • Pump Pads
  • Trenches
  • Chimney Foundations
  • Process Floors
  • Loading/Unloading Areas
  • Sumps
  • Support Columns
  • Walls
  • Piers

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Benefits of Polymer Concrete:

  • It exhibits five times the physical strength of basic Portland cement.
  • High resistance against corrosion even at high temperature
  • Much more economical and efficient than refractory brick lining
  • Standard mortar mixers and tools are used for mixing
  • Can be cured at faster rate
  • High flexural strength
  • Minimum or zero permeability
  • High durability
  • High resistance against concentrated Acids and Alkalis i.e 98%Sulphuric Acid and 50% Caustic Soda

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