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Shot Peening

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Shot Peening is the cold working process accomplished by pelting the surface of metal part with the spherical media, thrown relatively at high velocity. This imparts the compressive residual stresses and relives the tensile residual stresses to improve fatigue life of the component.

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    Benefits of Shot Peening

    • Improves the Fatigue Strength
    • Increase the resistance against stress corrosion cracking
    • Prevents H2S induced cracking
    • Creates specific surface profile
    • Creates anti-galling properties
    • Prevents inter-granular corrosion
    • Increase pitting resistance
    • Improves lubrication

    Why Shot Peening is Important?

    Shot peening has improves metal fatigue properties and extend the life of critical components and reduce the premature failure. Metal fatigue occurs when cyclic loading and the associated tensile stress cause a crack to start in a highly stressed area. Shot peening is able to mitigate this by imparting a high magnitude, residual compressive stress at the surface in the potential failure area.

    Compressive residual stresses induced by the shot peening prevent initiation of crack induced by tensile stresses. Parts that have been shot peened are able to survive many times longer due to the surface being placed in a residual compressive state.

    How Shot Peening Works?

    Each piece of shot hits the surface and creates an indentation in form of a dimple. This creates a beneficial compressive residual stress which makes the surface resistant to crack initiation and propagation. Post manufacturing tensile stresses are converted to residual compressive stress.  

    Beneficial Compressive Residual Layer

    The residual stress generated by shot peening is of a compressive nature. This compressive stress offsets or lowers applied tensile stress.

    Shot Peening Process – Videos



    Why invest valuable time and money in machineries and training when our expertise is available at affordable price.

     We have over 10 years of experience shot peening wide range of components like gears, crank shafts, propeller blades and collars.

     We follow latest international standard in Shot peening AMS 2430. We have calibrated gages, imported Almen strips and use AMS grade peening media like Steel shots, Ceramic shots, and Glass beads.

     Our facility is ISO certified, we use standard procedures and control plans for every unique job. We have regular in house operator training to maintain skill and competency of the shot peening machine operators.


    Propeller Blades

    Component: Aircraft propeller blade on Face and Camber

    Advantages: Stress corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue failure.

    Crank shafts

    Component: Compressor crank Shaft radii

    Advantages: Induce compressive stress to improve fatigue failure.


    Component: Crankshaft gear, Pinions

    Advantage: Resistance to fatigue failure, stress corrosion resistance, lubrication

    Internal Shot peening

    Components: PE granules transportation pipes

    Advantages: Increase in flow rate, prevention of Angel hair formation, prevention of classifier choking,


    Components: Collars

    Advantages: Anti galling, stress corrosion resistance, resistance to fatigue failure.

    On site

    Component: Centre shaft of Roll assy (5mtrs long)

    Advantages: Resistance to fatigue failure